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ProtocolNow: A Powerful Resource to Modernize Your Protocols

July 21, 2020

2020 was a year unlike any other, but one positive of the year, was how it propelled our mission to revolutionize the way protocols and care pathways are developed, managed, and deployed. We’ve developed a powerful platform to house the entire protocol lifecycle. 

We’re working closely with Dr. Vincenzo Berghella MD, a Jefferson University Physician. When it comes to maternal-fetal evidence based guidelines, he wrote the book

He believes that ProtocolNow is a powerful resource to be able to modernize your protocols. Why is that important? Having real-time protocols are accessible anytime, anywhere will help: 

  • Decrease risk of unnecessary loss of life
  • Shorten the stays for patients
  • Prevent unnecessary patient pain 
  • Maintain the positive reputation of your hospital
  • Increase malpractice insulation
  • Streamline training and communication between team members and shifts

Check out the video below to hear for yourself why Dr. Berghella is a big believer in ProtocolNow. 

About ProtocolNow 

ProtocolNow is a software platform that houses the protocol lifecycle. In business, protocols are everywhere, and properly managed and followed protocols deliver more consistent service and results. ProtocolNow empowers clients to develop, train on, apply and refine protocols with their easy-to-use proprietary platform. Learn more at and follow us on Facebook and Instagram


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