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Protocol Development

Unique to ProtocolNow is the ability to develop protocols from scratch within the platform. This allows your organization to dial in each phase of a protocol to your exact specifications. Within the Development stage of a protocol are three phases: In Progress, Pending Approval, and Published Protocols.

Best of all, each stage and phase of the protocol development is accomplished within the platform. Gone are the days of service hoping to update protocols.

In Progress

All of your in-progress protocols will be visible. You can edit, save, and return to editing until the protocol is ready to be pushed to the approval phase.

Pending Approval

Protocol accuracy is upheld when developed collaboratively. The approval phase ensures that multiple people see each protocol, including the admin with final approval power.

Published Protocols

This phase houses all completed protocols. They are live for all users in the org to view and use.

Share protocols with ease.

Sometimes it is best to seek feedback from colleagues in other organizations. This is easily accomplished with the share feature even if the other colleague isn’t a direct user. The benefits don’t stop there either.

getting the message to the team

Train teams with ease

It’s one thing for protocols to remain current, and it's a whole new battle to get the message downstream. That’s where the power of ProtocolNow’s Subscribe feature comes into play. When a new protocol is published on the platform or an older protocol is refreshed and updated, Admin Users can notify platform users with the Subscription feature. Admin Users can also track who is paying attention to Subscription notices.

This provides organizations with live connection to content, one-click training, and anytime/anywhere access. This feature is fully auditable as well increasing your insulation against litigation.

improved service through calibrated application

Apply the protocols

This is the stage where protocols really gain traction through practical use. 

Offline Mode

Cellular reception in hospitals is notoriously bad. That’s why we offer a fully Offline Mode. This allows users to access the latest protocols from anywhere.

Powerful Search

Every minute in healthcare is crucial. The Search feature lives at the top of every page on the platform. This allows for rapid scanning of the protocol database.

Reusable Checklists

Users can create reusable checklists to track specific actions/care pathways. Who does what and when is saved by the platform for later analysis.

Protocol Sharing

Easily share protocols with other people—both inside and outside the platform—for expedited feedback and use.

perpetual improvement

Refine and redistribute

To refine is to clarify, to cleanse, to distill. This is what makes ProtocolNow particularly powerful.Within the platform, users are enabled to collaborate with colleagues on protocol reviews. In this semi-public forum, real-time feedback crafts a protocol to perfection. Users can leave comments on protocols to inspire larger discussions within the organization about how to best practice medicine. These conversations can help alert Admin Users to protocols that need refreshing.

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Frequently asked

General Questions

Is there initial content on the platform?

ProtocolNow offers organizations as a starting point in-house content curated by physicians for physicians. However, most organizations find that the protocols and guidelines they use every day need to be specifically tailored to their staff, their resources, their communities. So they heavily modify our content as well as publish their own content for their users.

Who owns the content on the platform?

Any content your organization puts on the platform is owned solely by your organization. If your organization accepts any content from ProtocolNow, the specific instance of that content on your platform is owned by your organization.

Can other organizations see my organization’s content?

Your organization may decide to allow other organization’s to view your content but the default setting is that your organization’s content is visible only to users on your platform who are given permission to view it.

Who can see my protocols and guidelines?

Users on your organization who are given permission to view content will be able to access and search for any content offered by your organization.

How long does implementation take?

Implementation time all depends on your organization’s specific needs. ProtocolNow works to integrate seamlessly with your organization’s existing workflows and will meet any challenges your organization requires.

Platform Questions

Can I give temporary access to somebody outside my organization?

Using the Share feature, you can give temporary access to a single protocols or guideline to anybody outside your organization. In addition, if your contract allows additional users, you may give anybody you wish an account for your organization’s ProtocolNow platform. They may then view anything you permit them to.

What if I belong to multiple organizations?

If you belong to multiple organizations who use ProtocolNow, you can see each organization’s platform by switching between your accounts inside the platform.

Does ProtocolNow integrate with my EHR/EMR?

ProtocolNow can integrate with most existing systems and is fully capable in FHIR operability.

Does ProtocolNow offer single sign-on capabilities?

ProtocolNow is able to integrate successfully with most organizations using Google or Microsoft sign on systems.

Will my organization need any additional hardware?ProtocolNow offer single sign-on capabilities?

Since ProtocolNow is a web-based software solution and is available and accessible on all devices, mobile or otherwise, no additional hardware is needed.

Pricing Questions

How much does ProtocolNow cost?

Each organizations needs are different. We'd love to hop on a call and discuss the specific needs of your org. For specific questions around pricing, please reach out to us at support@protocolnow.com.