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ProtocolNow Chooses Tech Leader, Pankaj Likhmania as Chief Information Officer

July 21, 2020

ProtocolNow, the leading provider of real-time protocols accessible anytime, anywhere, has appointed Pankaj Likhmania as Chief Information Officer. Pankaj (PJ),  is a Senior IT leader with over 18 years experience in cloud security and infrastrastructure technologies (SAAS, PAAS, iAAS), enterprise obility, and access management. PJ will lead development of the technical team, and ProtocolNow’s software platform.

The announcement follows the recent appointments of Charles Lukens as CEO and Daniel O’keeffe as chairman of the board. Lukens shared, “After founding, managing, or selling 3 technology companies, I know how critical it is to put scalable and secure software infrastructure in place from day one. PJ is exactly who we need to oversee that job at ProtocolNow and help support our rapid sales growth.” 

PJ is an inspirational, hands-on leader who builds and integrates teams across disciplines and geographies to successfully deliver strategic solutions that meet and exceed business goals. PJ shared how he plans to lead ProtocolNow, “Just like I did at Intel Corporation, our strategy includes unifying technology and vision across business domains to create core processes and systems that drive IT decisions.” With experience leading complex projects with budgets greater than $10M and 1,000,000+  users to success, PJ is now focused on the growth of ProtocolNow’s unique platform for managing the protocol lifecycle. 

Outside of ProtocolNow, PJ is active in his home community and was recently nominated and confirmed as a member of the IT committee for the City of Chandler, Arizona. He is a mentor at the Chandler Innovations Incubator, a mentor at the Phoenix startup community, and led due diligence at the angel investor group Arizona Tech Investor. PJ has a close relationship to the medical community and served as the Chief Information Officer at Valley Prenatal Services. According to CEO Lukens, “It is PJ’s combination of IT knowledge and experience working with the doctors and hospitals of the Phoenix area that make him a perfect fit to oversee the technical work of building ProtocolNow.”

About ProtocolNow

ProtocolNow is a software platform that houses the protocol lifecycle. In business, protocols are everywhere, and properly managed and followed protocols deliver more consistent service and results. ProtocolNow empowers clients to develop, train on, apply and refine protocols with their easy-to-use proprietary platform. Learn more at


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