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ProtocolNow Launches a Platform Dedicated to Protocols

July 21, 2020

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that organization and accuracy are paramount, especially in healthcare.  Much of the success of efficient and effective hospitals is based on the use and application of protocols or care pathways. In spite of this, most of the medical world is still reliant on physical protocols in notecard or binder form. They’re difficult to update, and lack any form of technical tracking.

With these pain points in mind, a group of industry experts, developers, and investors worked together to form ProtocolNow. “Our mission is simple,” noted President & CEO, Charles Lukens, “We deliver an easy-to-use platform that provides hospitals with real-time protocols that are accessible anytime, anywhere.”

Even in the depths of a hospital where cell reception is notoriously—and even intentionally—poor, ProtocolNow functions seamlessly allowing users to access care checklists, and other important information to improve the care and wellbeing of patients.

“The user experience is key,” remarked Pankaj (PJ) Likhmania, ProtocolNow’s CIO. “We developed the app with ease of use in mind for all positions from med tech to doctors to hospital admin.”

Within the platform, users can develop and distribute protocols. Accompanied by detailed analytics, hospitals can understand who has viewed and applied protocols.

Good protocols are built on evidence-based medicine. Great protocols live in ProtocolNow.

About ProtocolNow

ProtocolNow is a software platform that houses the protocol lifecycle. In business, protocols are everywhere, and properly managed and followed protocols deliver more consistent service and results. ProtocolNow empowers clients to develop, train on, apply and refine protocols with their easy-to-use proprietary platform. Learn more at


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